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Activities we offer:

Pedal Kayak Adventures

We use Old Town kayaks with PDL pedal drive systems. These are some of the quickest and most agile pedal kayaks on the market. With minimal training, anyone can quickly become proficient with these kayaks. Where we go and what we do will depend highly on skill level and what you are comfortable with. In general, we kayak through a combination of deeper channels, winding mangrove trails, and shallow sea grass bed areas. In very shallow water, these kayaks can quickly and easily be converted into traditional paddling style kayaks. We offer these kayak tours with and without snorkeling. The choice is yours!


Snorkeling Adventures

Since we want to provide the best experience possible, our snorkeling opportunities are very much dependent on water conditions. Generally the spring time in Florida provides us the best snorkeling opportunities. We provide snorkeling opportunities for all skill levels. For those that are comfortable with entering the water from a kayak, we offer snorkeling opportunities in waters ranging from 2 feet deep to roughly 15 feet deep. We also offer shore based snorkeling fun for those that would rather swim off the beach to reach their destination. We primarily operate in Sarasota area but we are always open to road trips for snorkeling adventures elsewhere in Florida! Give us call if you'd like to share your ideas. All equipment needed is provided by us but you are always welcome to use your own gear!

Customized Experiences

We strive to create experiences that you will enjoy. If you give us a call we can have a casual conversation about what you and your group may like to try. We try to give everyone an opportunity to experience the things we love so let us know if you have any specific questions or concerns. If you don't think you're capable of participating in anything we offer think again! There's something for everyone.


OneWheel Sessions

We are also excited to announce that we offer OneWheel lessons and rentals! OneWheel is an electric vehicle that rides like a skateboard but only has, you guessed it, one wheel instead of four. These boards are loads of fun but do require a certain level of balance. To learn more about our OneWheel rentals please click the link below.

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