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Where to find us:
Our standard launch location for our general kayaking and snorkeling tours is Bird Key Park in Sarasota, Florida. We also offer mangrove tunnel tours near Anna Maria and Bradenton, Florida. We are happy to consider other options if you and your group have an idea. We love exploring lots of coastal areas and Florida springs so don't hesitate to give us a call!

Otter Logo

Lontra was founded in 2022 by native Floridian Skye Heyden. Skye has always been drawn to the water. Born in Plantation, Florida and growing up on the Gulf Coast has exposed Skye to all of the wonderful things our state waters have to offer. Diving, surfing, paddling, you name it. Skye is an ACA certified tour leader and has been leading groups as a profession since 2018. With improvements in technology, Skye saw an opportunity to give a fresh new experience with pedal-drive kayak excursions. Quick and agile pedal kayaks allow for speedier and in our opinion "funner" experiences. Skye also realized there were not many opportunities for those that love to paddle to actually get in the water and explore what's below the surface. Skye realized that combination of these two activities that he loves so much could create a unique experience that is hard to find. That's how Lontra was born. Join us and let us show you the things that have we love and strive to preserve.

What does Lontra mean?

We're glad you asked! Lontra Canadensis is the scientific or latin name for one of our favorite Florida critters: the North American river otter! These super aware, agile, quick, fun-loving, social, and mischievous little guys embody everything we stand for at Lontra (except for the mischievous part of course). 

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