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Explore unique ecosystems as we pedal kayak through diverse coastal habitats and snorkel alongside the abundant wildlife that calls Florida home...

What is Pedal Kayaking?

A pedal kayak is a kayak that is powered by a pedal mechanism instead of a standard paddle. In other words, it's like a combination of a bicycle and a kayak! This advancement in kayak technology allows us to travel further and faster than we would be able to on "old-school" traditional kayaks. The best part is, these can easily transition to traditional kayaks when we reach areas that are too shallow to use the pedals. It's the best of both worlds!


The pedal kayaks we use are Old Town (Ocean Kayak) Salty PDL Kayaks. They are extremely quick, comfortable and feature a robust design. These are single-person kayaks but an additional seat can be installed in the back compartment for a young child to come along.

Unforgettable Experiences!

See what makes Florida such a special place. Join us for an adventure!

Ecological Exploration!

Witness wildlife native to Florida!

3 Bridges Brews Tour.jpg


Sunset Happy Hour Tours

Join us on an after hours sunset tour with our sister company Liquid Blue Outfitters. These tours feature complimentary beverages from local Sarasota and Manatee county breweries! These tours run Friday evening through Monday evening from 4pm to 6pm. Each day features brews from a different local brewery:

Fridays: 3 Bridges Brewing

Saturdays: Big Top Brewing

Sundays: Good Liquid Brewing

Mondays: Motorworks Brewing

Explore by land!

One-Wheel Electric Skateboard Rentals

We offer One-Wheel rentals and lessons. These electric vehicles are a fun way to explore the natural wonders of the Gulf Coast by land. If you want to learn a fun new skill we are happy to teach you how to ride!

Why choose Lontra?

On the water

Using high-end, foot powered pedal kayaks allows us to reach our destinations quickly and with less effort than traditional kayaks. When the water becomes too shallow, these kayaks are easily converted to traditional "paddle" style kayaks, so we don't damage delicate ecosystems. These pedal kayaks are also just plain fun and super maneuverable!

In the water

We offer guests amazing opportunities to get in the water too! Hop in for a cool-down session and see what you can spot with a dive mask and snorkel. Depending on skill level and desired experience, we will show you fantastic snorkeling spots that match your needs. This allows you to see things that might otherwise be overlooked from a kayak on the surface.

Small groups and local guides

We keep our groups small for a much more personal and safer experience. Combine that with our expert guides and you're in for a good time!

Underwater Diving

The Lontra Mantra

For us, the ocean has always provided us the means to get back to reality. It is all too easy to become lost in all the nonsense of a modernized world. When we get on the water, we leave all of our worries on land. We strive to create amazing experiences that bring you closer to nature and reveal the beautiful simplicity of our world that we too often seem to complicate.  Leave your troubles on land and come reconnect with the water.

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Let the sea set you free

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